Vegan Plant Food for Hydroponics
Increasing growth, vitality, flowering and yield with plant-based fertilizer

by Dr. Silke Will

Veganic growing is the most innovative and modern way of growing plants. 

Organic growing products are widely used in conventional and organic gardening. They are easy and cheap to get, since the meat industry is constantly discarding animal byproducts such as manure, dried blood, bone meal, ground up feathers or byproducts from the fishing industry. 

The vegetarian and vegan movement gained a lot of popularity in the last decades. The concepts are well recognized worldwide. Slowly but consistently they adapt into all areas of life also in innovative concepts of nurturing plants.

Hydroponic systems refer to the cultivation of plants in soilless systems. In the past, hydroponic systems were used exclusively for commercial purposes or for grow tents. In recent years, new products have entered the market making it possible to grow herbs and vegetables in the kitchen or in small areas anywhere. The cultivation systems, whether mini greenhouses, cultivation shelves or cultivation towers, differ in the methodology of the nutrient solution supply. The composition of the nutrient solution is for all systems the same, also when growing on inert substrates such as coco, rock wool or expanded clay.

Nutrient solution

Plants are fed with a full nutrient solution containing all essential micro- and macronutrients in mineral form. The nutrients are in an optimal ratio to each other to meet the needs of the plants. The nutrient solution should be changed weekly to avoid changes in the ratio of the nutrients to each other and the drop of the pH-value. A 100% organic vegan nutrient supply is difficult and still under development. Nevertheless, the addition of natural plant based Plant Booster has some advantages.

The use of mineral fertilizers can be reduced by up to 40%.
Organic vegan fertilizer provides a number of natural compounds such as amino acids, polysaccharides, vitamins and natural plant hormones. They activate and support many natural processes in the plants. Resulting inĀ  increased growth, number of flowers, flavor and color formation.
The plants are more resilient and resistant to pests, diseases or changes in growing conditions.
Act as a natural pH buffer.

Application recommendation for Florasoul Plant Booster Hydro

Florasoul Plant Booster Hydro is added directly into the nutrient solution. The use is easy and safe. Oversupply of the Booster shows the same effect as plants without Florasoul treatment, less growth. The EC-value might increase a lot after adding the Booster, but there is no need to be concerned. Organic compounds, especially plant based sugars, increase the EC-value without negative effects to the plants.

Tab.1: Feeding chart for Florasoul Plant Booster Hydro mixed in fertigation tank
Developing stage
Recommendation for Florasoul Plant Booster

Seedlings / cuttings

1/2 teaspoon in  5l of water (1.3 Gal)

Promotes root development and establishment

Young plants during growth stage

3/4 teaspoon in  5l of water (1.3 Gal)

Increases growth, development and vitality

Adult plants during growth, flowering and fruit stage

1 teaspoon in  5l of water (1.3 Gal)

Increases the number of flowers, fruit set and promotes the formation of secondary ingredients forming color and taste

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